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Hi, I’m Avis, the designer and founder of Sacred Originals! I started Sacred Originals back in 2017. I always work on building a relationship with God. I love to meditate, pray, read the bible, spiritual and inspirational books to grow closer to god. It was the inspirational sayings and short bible verses in these books, that gave me the inspiration to create Sacred Originals, a modern style faith-based brand, that would uplift and inspire others. I also created this brand, to thank god for the help he has given me in my life, by helping to spread his word.

Spread God’s Word In Style

Sacred Originals is for people of faith, looking for trendy styles to look fashionable and feel comfortable while wearing their faith. Our modern style of clothing and designs is a great conversation starter about faith and god. When you wear our clothing, you are spreading god’s word with others. Helping us to reach as many people as possible to spread love in the world.

Sacred Originals offers a collection of t-shirts, hoodies, printables, digital planners and accessories that will resonate with people of faith. Everything we create is inspired by bible verses and inspirational sayings.

On our website, we deliver to the United States Only. Items are printed and shipped from our manufacturers based in California, Miami and Florida.

For international orders: visit our UK Amazon store and Redbubble Store. Order today and spread His word!

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